Server problems

This website has been down for some days now. I've moved to a new server and things are up and running, but there might still be downtime in the future, I fear.

You see, all this is my fault, unfortunately. 🙁 I did an update checker in the Android-version of Jewels, that contacts the server to see if an update has been published. I had not anticipated the success the game would get, and made it simply to check for updates every time the game is started. This was a huge mistake, in retrospect. 😛 I don't know why I didn't realise the potential problem of checking for updates too often.. My website account was closed because of too much traffic to the version check script. So that's why this site was down for several days.

I've deleted the script, released new versions of Jewels that contact to a static HTML-file (previously the script was PHP, which in turn increased the stress on the server) and — importantly — not every time the game is started. Still, looking at the access logs on the new server, things look unnerving. Many people have not updated the game, and thus there is loads of requests for the (now deleted) old update check script. I might need to take out the update checking altogether, then again most of the people won't probably update to that version so… 😛

Let's hope that more people update to the latest Jewels and this huge rush of requests starts to calm down. Otherwise I'm looking at my account suspended, again.