The release draws near…

Got some cool news for you: it looks like I might make it for a May 31st release with Jewels 2! (Android only, iOS will be coming later.) That's like, this Friday, right? Pretty cool if you ask me. 😄

As the Jewels players on Android have suffered with the worse Jewels-version (compared to iJewels on iOS) for years, I want to reward them for putting up with the original all these years. This means that I will be launching on Android first, followed by iOS as soon as I get approved. 🙂

Little disclaimer: this information is not 100% sure yet, but I'm maybe like 95% confident that I can release this Friday. 🙂

Follow me on Twitter and be among the first to know when the game is live! Naturally I will be also updating this blog when the time is ripe, but Twitter is quicker. 😉