My older and weaker games (+ some miscellaneous stuff) reside here. Some of these games are quite old and serve mostly nothing but historic interest. Feel free to try them, though, if you can get them to work. 🙂

Delirium screenshot

Delirium is a simple arcade/puzzle game where you have to clear out the playfield of colored blocks by shooting different colored balls up there and combining colors. Done in 2003, released in the beginning of 2004.

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Formido screenshot

Formido (yes, yes I know it is a stupid name! 😛) is a simple shoot'em'up survival game. Nasty alien bugs and heavy soundtrack, that's the drill here. The game was done in 2002 and finally released in the beginning of 2003. Formido is also ported to several platforms.

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Enigma screenshot 3

Enigma is a 3d platformer game. Jump through levels made from cubes and collect all the fruits. That's it, really. 🙂 It was my first 3d game (done in year 2000), which was cool, but the actual game play value might be a bit low… Anyway, what do I know? Try it yourself, if you dare!

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Steroids screenshot

Steroids. It's an Asteroids clone, that's about it. The oldest game here, dates back to 1999 - 2000. For the most curious minds only. 😉

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ParticleX screenshot

ParticleX is the first (and so far only) demo I've ever done. It uses OpenGL, features some rather neato effects, speech and a nice soundtrack. At least it did in the year 2001. 😉

Download ParticleX (585KB, Windows only)