Here are some of the games I've made (the rest are in the Oldies-section). I've made PC-desktop games for years and since 2009 I've been in the mobile games business.

Anyway, check the individual game pages for more information. :)

Mobile games


Oddhop is our latest game: a unique puzzler where you need to clear levels of various creatures and pick up cherries!

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Jewels 2 running on Nexus 4

Jewels 2 is the long awaited sequel for Jewels. If you ask me (and why wouldn't you?), it's much better game. Go check it out! :)

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iJewels screenshot

Jewels is my older mobile game, that was quite a surprise hit. It is still played a lot, but I recommend Jewels 2 instead, this one is much simpler. :)

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Desktop games

Those Funny Funguloids! - screenshot

Those Funny Funguloids! is my latest non-mobile / desktop game. Simple but nicely done entertainment! Collect mushrooms in outer space while avoiding asteroids. Do check it out!

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I Have No Tomatoes - screenshot

I Have No Tomatoes is designed to be enjoyed in short breaks, when you just have to waste ten minutes of your time. :)

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Ultimate Steroids screenshot

Ultimate Steroids is actually quite old a game, but I'm keeping here since it's one my favourites and also quite well known. As you may have guessed, it's a sequel to the Steroids — a spiffed up Asteroids clone with nice graphics and smooth game play!

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