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Thank you for your interest in Jewels! I recommend checking out the brand new sequel, Jewels 2 instead! :) To the Jewels 2 -page

Looking for support? Read the instructions from down below before emailing me. Thanks! :)

Jewels is my latest creation —  a simple yet polished match-3 game similar to the original Bejeweled and the Russian game Shariki. The game has been available for the Google Android -platform for a good while through the Android Market, and is now available at the App Store as well for Apple devices! It has gathered lots of active players and is in the top-3 free games for Android! Try it if you like puzzle / match-3 games, it can be quite addictive! It’s free (although ad-supported) as well. :)

Jewels is finally available on the App Store, for iPhone and iPod touch (also works with iPad), with several improvements over the Android-version. More information below!

iJewels for iOS features:

  • Colorful, crisp graphics
    (pixel perfect support for the Retina Display!)
  • Smooth and polished game play
    (runs nicely at around 60 FPS on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, but also works fine on older devices)
  • Global High Scores / Leaderboards (cross-platform) — compete with players around the world! (courtesy of Scoreloop)
  • Game Center support, too!
    (on iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch 2nd gen. or later, running iOS 4.1)
  • Four game modes: Normal, Timed, Quick and Infinite
  • Calm and soothing music, including more intensive tracks for the Timed-mode
  • Supports iOS multitasking / fast app switching, automatically saves the game state on older OS versions as well
Available on the Android Market

Jewels for Android features:

  • Global High Scores / Leaderboards (cross-platform) — compete with players around the world! (courtesy of Scoreloop)
  • Three game modes: Normal, Timed and Infinite
  • Nice, clean graphics and polished game play

There is also the original PC-version of Jewels, done in 2007 as an exercise in XNA / C# programming. However, I will most definitely recommend the Android-version, as the game works quite a lot better as a casual mobile game.



Download Jewels for Android (through AppBrain)


Download Jewels for Android (through Amazon Appstore)

Jewels for Android on Android Market

Don’t let the “> 250,000 downloads” fool you, the actual number is over 14 million downloads (as of May 2011).. ;)

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

iJewels is the Jewels for iPhone, iPod touch + iPad, and it has several improvements over the Android-version. It is available for free on the App Store, right now!
Download iJewels (through the App Store)


Remember to read the README for installation instructions, I will not be providing more support for this! It should work when you do the installation correctly.

Download Jewels v1.0 (installer) (2.0 MB, Windows only)
Download Jewels v1.0 (zip) (2.5 MB, Windows only)



Before contacting me for support, make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list completely. Read the FAQ from here. I will not answer any questions that are answered on the FAQ. I cannot promise an answer in any case, as I get lots of Jewels-related mail every day — I just don’t have the time. :) Also, if your question is related to the game mechanics, please read the included Help (Main menu -> More… -> Help).

After you have read the FAQ (and the Help), you can contact me at the following address for support. Do include which phone you’re on / are you running the Android-version or the iOS-version, and other details that might help. Saying “the game freezes!” doesn’t help anyone, you need to specify where it freezes and how, if it can be reproduced, etc. Thanks for understanding. :)